RAVe – Return@VeritasEmpowered 

-By Bhanu Mohanti

Many women take a break or a sabbatical in their careers for various reasons including rearing a child,
dealing with a difficult pregnancy, looking after aging parents / in-laws or even accompanying their
spouses in support of their careers elsewhere. But they face an uphill challenge when they try to return
to the workforce as companies are generally suspicious of their ability to re-integrate into an office
environment or try to beat them down on the salary.

Veritas carried out a focused campaign led by the TA team in collaboration with the DEI team in January
to target and hire such individuals. We sought the help of an external agency which specializes in
women’s hiring and bolstered it through internal & LinkedIn / Naukri campaigns. The response was
overwhelming with 100+ applications within 2 weeks with 60+ being referrals from internal employees
who referred their spouses, relatives, friends, and former colleagues. We decided not to filter the
resumes as we did not want our own prejudices creeping in during the filtering process. We also held
sessions for the 20+ hiring managers to sensitize them to the effort here and tell them that these are
people who have a proven track record in the past but might be slightly rusty now, nothing that cannot
be overcome with some additional training. We also set minimum salary targets for each of the
candidates so that the hiring manager does not offer less than what is fair to them.

The event held over 1 full day of proficiency tests and interviews was a huge success with 11% selection
rate. This conversion from an unfiltered list was better than what we have from a filtered one in our
general hiring! And all the selected candidates joined with zero offer declines. It was truly rewarding for
Veritas and our TA team has plans to make it a bi-annual affair.

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