Poem on self-love – By Fathima

Praise me, the transgender person

who being a vulnerable deer could face the lions of time.

Who continues with strife and without a pity.

Praise me as I walk exploited by society.

Praise me for my pretensions

All my tensions!

Praise me as I go on to become the epitome of tensile strength.

Praise me for the wounds for the deep hidden scars.

Praise me for the battles fought and many a grievous loss.

Hey, praise me for the relationship morph

Praise me for the missed hearty laughs and that derisive scoff.

For I am the earth and the mountain rare.

So, sing my praises of cowardice and dare.

Praise me for the times I witnessed lovers’ affairs.

And for the times I witnessed an infant in his mother’s care.

Praise me for those prayers for the rendezvous with an unknown beloved.

For whose closeness, attention, and warmth I succumbed.

Praise me for the times I felt alien among humans’ infinites.

Praise me for the lonely stormy evenings and nights.

Come on! won’t you Praise me for the angst which brings appal?

From breakings of heart and shakings of soul, I have survived it all!!!

About the author – Fathima is a transgender woman and loves to write. When not writing, she teaches children at a primary school.

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