Elon Musk Apologises After Brutally Mocking Laid-Off Employee With Disability

Twitter’s CEO made headlines for mocking a former employee Halli for his disability. The two were engaged in a war of words over the latter’s employment and payment. Now, Musk has apologised for the “misunderstanding of his situation.”

Musk had questioned his work, questioned his disability (has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair) and his need for accommodations. The billionaire also said that Halli has a “prominent, active Twitter account and is wealthy” and the “reason he confronted me in public was to get a big payout.” 

Mr Halli explained his health condition to the billionaire, which does not allow him to do certain things but also took a dig at Mr Musk, who, despite being physically fit, has security accompanying him to the toilet.


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