Are Gen Z the most stressed generation in the workplace?

Research indicates Gen Z are emerging as the most stressed demographic in the workplace and struggling mightily to cope. Data shows un-manageable stress affects almost a quarter of the Gen Z respondents (23%), and almost all (98%) are dealing with symptoms of burnout.

In short, the youngest workers are having the most trouble wrestling with demands of professional life. Data from McKinsey shows that Gen Zers were more likely than other respondents to report their pay did not enable them to have a “good quality of life” in the current economy. These effects are already evident: Gen Z are saving significantly less money, and many are living pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque. They’re also struggling more than other generations to hit essential milestones, like home-ownership; in the US, for instance, some 34% of Americans don’t – and never expect to – own a home. But these sentiments are more widespread among young people.

Beyond the large-scale stressors, experts say young workers are struggling with interpersonal relationships. There are still a lot of question marks around the etiquette of work friendships, office attire and professional boundaries – having to go into an office, socialise and be managed feels very alien to a lot of young people. The social aspects of work remain intimidating

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